Brake Reaction Arm
Anti Skid System


and the winners of the Brake Reation Arm Raffle Are ...

Les Leach of Thousand Oaks, California for the West
George Zhookoff of Snellville, Georgia for East



This modification has been in development for several years by Chuck Aulgur with help from Rick Flanagan. It is now installed on a half dozen GMC Motorhomes. It has proven to be the final answer to having dependable brakes like what you would expect on a new vehicle. Jim Kanomata at Applied GMC has taken the project through the last leg to manufacturing and is now offering it to all GMC Motorhome owners. Learn more about it HERE.

Applied GMC has generously provided two complete Reaction Arm Anti Skid units for the GMCWS Club to raffle. These units will include everything necessary to convert a coach, from the Master Cylinder to the Disk Brakes (* if needed). The prize also includes free installation. If the winner wishes to perform the installation, a $600 Applied GMC gift certificate will be substituted.

One unit will be dedicated to a lucky winner whose address is east of the Mississippi, the other will be dedicated to a winner west of the Mississippi. International owners can choose their side when purchasing tickets.

Applied GMC in Fremont, California will do the installation for the western winner. For the eastern winner, Grandview Motorhomes in Marysville, Ohio or the GMC Coop in Orlando, Florida will do the install.


Learn more about this new upgrade HERE.


Master Cylinder
Once you throw in incidental parts and supplies,
that's around a $5,000 value!

     Incidentals might include hoses, hard lines, fluid, etc., ...

Rear Disk Brakes
Proportion Valve
Anti Skid Kit


Ticket prices were as follows:

$10 per ticket

$50 for 6 tickets

$100 for 13 tickets

$200 for 29 tickets

$300 for 50 tickets

$400 for 78 tickets

Ticket stubs were be kept in two different drums. One for the Eastern GMCers, one for the Western GMCers.

The two winning tickets were drawn on the 21st of October, after dinner on the last night of the Western States Fall rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. The drawing was video taped and put on UTube. See it HERE




Do I have to be present at the rally to win?

You do not have to be present to win. Arrangements will be made to get the parts to you or your installer.


What if I already disk brakes installed on my rear bogies?

If the discs were purchased from Applied GMC, then all is well. If from another source, they will be replaced with our disc brake kit. Applied GMC will assume ownership of all replaced parts.